Project info

Presenticare is a serie of photos that represents the contrast and the coexistence between the light and the dark, the day and the night, where one can not exist without the other and where the light allows the shadows to celebrate themselves as experience.

Presenticare literally means “action and effect of the action itself”, basically giving form to the action through the action. And this is what happened to me and how the project was born.

Once, I was walking on my own in the night, in my hometown. No lights around, just confused shapes in the shadow. And then a car comes, with a high lights on and a figure appears in the wall next to me.
That incredible short moment is lasted hours in my mind, composing an estranging sight of presences and absences.

Indeed, I wants to rapresent the drama of an ephemeral moment in these photos, given by the contrast of geometric shadows that create a strange oniric atmosphere where time and space are confused and it is hard to define day and night.