My family woman time machine
Project info

I'm 39. First my grandmother, then my mother. And finally a whole series of relatives. When I realized I was almost completely alone and that of what my family had been, I knew very little (sometimes nothing, not even the names ...)I began the search which it allowed me to give a name and a face to women and men from whom I was directly descended.
And the more I looked at their faces, the more I discovered that mine was the natural consequence of them.
That my nose, my eyes, my cheekbones, my lips were fragments of a puzzle that was finally recomposing itself.
It was therefore natural to create this complex self-portrait, built through the faces of the women (and men) who preceded me and through what little was left of them and who had marked their lives and connected them with one another.
Coming to me. The only one whose heart still beats.

The portraits of each of these women come from scans of small photos, sometimes as ID photos. I scanned them on the ruined wall of an old family home, where my grandmother, her husband, and my mother lived for years. And to which I am extremely attached.
During the screening, I let a wedding veil fit on the bodies and faces of these women. That veil in my imagination represents many things: tradition, union, spirituality, lightness, but also estrangement, death, detachment. I think that everyone, according to his own experience, can attribute a meaning to it.