Mike, Day by Day
Project info

By choosing to put Mike in the light, some personal guidance was provided to allow him to explore his creativity through poetic scenes, remote from the real world. This series of photographs calls for the encounter with the Other and the exploration of his thoughts as well as the immersion in vaporous and equivocal atmospheres exacerbated by chiaroscuro. Mike was part of the world of the invisible, turning the light to him in a series of intimate portraits proved a challenge to tame his indocile character and allow him to overcome his shyness. Inspired by the moonlight, he used to spend his nights smoking along the Marne-Rhine canal, writing frantically and uninterruptedly in large notebooks. Coming from the housing project of the Marais, near Strasbourg, prey to boredom and fighting the demons of addiction, he had found his outlet in writing rap lyrics that he interpreted with passion. By getting involved in this series of photographs, he wished to show his evolution: that of a young man at the dawn of his thirty years, inactive, without social recognition, who, by developing his interest in arts and creativity, began to reconcile with himself and give meaning to his daily life. By revisiting the dramatic French movie "La Haine" by Mathieu Kassowitz and the pictorial arts of Théodore Géricault, Caravaggio or the Mannerist and Tenebrist painters, Mike shows us his initiatory journey towards the knowledge of arts and the desire to rise spiritually. Writing is also an endless thread that leads to resilience. By sublimating his sufferings, transforming them into wonderful and fascinating experiences in his creative imagination, he simply strives to make them tolerable in reality.
"Invisible to light
Glimpsed in the shadows
I unveil mysteries
Look at me
I'm looking at you
Eyes half-closed or wide-open
I let you get the flavor
Of the pieces of my soul
Worthy now, I keep my wounds obscure
Missing pieces of a puzzle
To assemble with the meanders of your imagination
The memory of your own cracks
Before sunrise
Black ink lies down on my white sheet
Hoping the light
I write sparkling nights"