Please, Do Not Disturb
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When entering a hotel room we enter into a private space that is ours, it is not open to the public and yet it is a passing point of many who inhabited the room before us. It is a place of many stays, it is a place of many stories, it is a place of uncounted reasons for spending nights there. A focal point of being there, staying there, being together there, sleeping there within the many stories of travels and lives that get in contact with this room. And yet, it is pristine, undisturbed, in some cases it feels warm in other cases cold when we enter it for the first time… It feels like a board game we are just about to start. And it is up to us if we want make a first move or just sit in one of the corners or sofas of the room and contemplate this endlessness in the dark of shutters shut – the end and beginning of a stay or a story – a state of limbo in which this space could be left maybe forever.