Roadside Relics
Project info

My focus in photographing vintage signs stems from my appreciation for each sign's uniqueness and the craftsmanship involved in making each sign: each sign truly is a work of art. Also, the fact that weathering changes the appearance of signs, combined with property owners and/or real-estate developers who may not see value in preserving old signs, compels me to continue documenting signage and other roadside sights that still stand today. After all, the appearance of such artifacts may be different tomorrow, that is, if something is even still standing tomorrow (many signs I have photographed over the past seven years have since been altered or dismantled altogether). Through my photographs, I strive to reveal the uniqueness of each sign.

I capture my images digitally, and I lightly edit them, leaving in power lines, guy wires, tree limbs, and/or portions of buildings to which signs are attached -- just as they exist when I saw them.

I started the first phase of this series of photographs, which I call "Roadside Relics," at the end of 2010, and the project is still in progress.