"Plastic jam"
Project info

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed into plastic.
"Plastic jam" is a serie of 17 polymer portraits by Ludovic Alussi. More than a mixture of periods or genres: a return and a reflection on the still life.
Pastiche of the classic or post-modern distance, the work of Ludovic Alussi wants to extend the chapter of the New photographic vision of the 1930s, when photographers began to find beautiful what was not intended to be: his speech dependent against the society of consumption, against the triviality of the plastic who is taken to imitate the noble materials illustrates with eloquence of allegorical creations or surrealist allusions.
Photographer and visual artist, Ludovic questions in his various personal works, the excesses of the world. He talks about recycling and ecology as well as waste and overconsumption.
In this series, the plastic looks so good
integrated into our gaze, our environment, our lives, our bodies that it can become the new scene of contemporary still life.
Here, you have 10 out of 17 pictures of the serie.