An understated City - Ado Awaye
Project info

This project was carried out between January and July 2018 spanning the peak of rainy and dry season. The intention is to call attention to the locals of Ado Awaye and help them leverage on the natural resource as a major tourist attraction.

Ado-Awaye is a thoroughly understated tourist attraction, located in Ogun State Nigeria, home of the second of only two suspended lakes in the world with the other in Colorado. The multi-cultural community is set at the base of the Oke-ado rock which takes a over 2hours to hike, spotted by Ishage, a boulder known for its mysterious power when touched.
The lake, with depth unknown remains unchanged though the rainy and dry season, and usually fetched by villagers who believe in its healing power.

Despite the possibility of having a gold mine in it as a major tourist attraction, traditional animal and crop farming remains the main occupation in the village. At the peak of dry season, Farming families, travel miles to source for water (usually dirty) to process their produce, and make a living which they still find difficult till date.