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Exploring themes of youth and belonging, this series examines concepts of ‘collective identity’ through experiences of self-discovery and uniformity with emphasis on how these can be disrupted by physical and emotional particularities.

In the setting of Kiev, Ukraine, the series studies child athletes and their mentors in a context of four unique athletic disciplines. Through documentary, photography, and interview the series pays an homage to youth, and its currently emerging identity while sharing an outlook on growing up in the confines of an unequivocally changing Ukrainian environment.

The photography delves into the intrinsic meanings ascribed to bodies and uniforms; Capturing the faces of the youth both in the midst of intense competitive tensions, on and off the sidelines. The images focus on pure moments before growing up.

The series offers a window into the resilience of youth and spirit, and the way that sporting spirit manifests itself today through a new generation of athletes.