smoked beneath the moon
Project info

When I was a little girl I would watch the fog silently dance across the water of the flowing New River, so gracefully. I would still this image in my mind, quite simply I would think “man, this would be an amazing image to hold onto forever”. Throughout my life this happened to me time and time again, even in the simplest (and strangest) of moments: through a little crack in the door I would adoringly watch my mother get my brother dressed and would freeze that image in time; I was framing the perfect intimate moment without even recognizing this. So, you see, this love I have for taking photos has been a lifelong love affair, even before I had the tools to make these dreams come to life.
The images that I am submitting are actual dreams come to life. How many people can say that? I am making art, that is a direct reflection of my dreams. These images are of the majestic New River that is much more than a body of water to me. This River has heard my laughs, captured my tears, and soothed my soul in troubled times. These images are so dear to me. I take pride in capturing the organic, real and raw moments that life gives us.