'A celebration of Joan Owens'
Project info

'A celebration of Joan Owens' explores the life of a woman against the backdrop of Benidorm.

The series found its origins at 'La Cruz de Benidorm'. This latter is a viewpoint decorated with a big monumental cross overviewing the many skyscrapers of Benidorm. Locals and tourists transformed this rock into an improvised place of pilgrimage. There, at 'La Cruz de Benidorm', a picture of a middle aged woman was tied to a bush, stating only the following words 'A celebration of Joan Owens (12/20/1936 - 02/18/2013).'

Seeing this photo, the idea arose to re-create the life of Joan Owens through a series of auto portraits. Fictional auto portraits to be correct, since no additional information could be found about the real Joan.

Thus, during my 10-day stay in one of the big skyscrapers of Benidorm, I tried to reenact Joan's life. Since I was staying alone for ten days in a city known for its mass tourism, crowded beaches, and numerous sky scrapers I linked my life with that of Joan's.

Not able to speak Spanish, and being alone, I tried to capture with these auto portraits the alienation of an individual against the backdrop of a big city. Also, by doing so I made a fictional homage to one of the millions of anonymous tourists who are staying each year in Benidorm.