Project info

We are born. And we have been given the names. We have been raised. We have been influenced and we have been intimidated. We have been given the pre-prepared views.
Each of us has to be “THE MAN”. This is our only duty and obligation.
One can do whatever he wants,sacrifice whoever he wants, if he doesn’t lose his “manhood”, his sacred masculinity, if he doesn’t give up all those undoubted views he has inherited.
Every single male-born person ought to be “GIORGI”, the name that embodies all those “traditions”, “manhood”, “patriotism”, “masculinity”, represents a person with that holy mission to continue the family name, transfer it between the generations. We all have been raised with this ideology. We all have been deceived. And those who lied to us had been deceived too. Throughout our lives we try to understand who we are, what is our identity, where did they hide it. We were brainwashed! Some of us are successful to gain back our true selves, but many of us aren’t. Many of Georgian men and boys remain “GIORGI” for their whole lives; some of them suffer to fit in, some of them are happy with it. Some of them find what was stolen from them; realize that they aren’t “GIORGI”, that they are LASHA, DAVID, MARI, ZURA, TSOTNE, NUKRI etc. They understand that they can be beautiful, gentle, strong, clever and vulnerable instead of being just “GIORGI”; they can love; they have right to cry, as well as to laugh; they have freedom of choice. We are much more than just “GIORGI” can symbolize. We are everything, each name, each sense, each feeling.

Project “GIORGI” includes Georgian Queer men’s photographs. Some of them are hiding their faces, some of the- are not. Everyone who’s identity is hidden is named “GIORGI” as a representation of Georgian masculine culture. All photos are taken in their own places. In the places where we have rights to be ourselves and do whatever we want, where we do not have to control all our breath or jesters, where we are “free”.

All the photos are Red, which represents colour of sexuality and aggression LGBTQ+ people have. Furthermore Georgia is red as well, Georgia is colour of blood.

For those whose identities were stolen. Who has to live in a lie. Who has to hide, who has to be afraid. For those who weren’t allowed to cry.