Contemporary Self-Portraiture
Project info

Lynné Bowman Cravens is a fine art photographer working in an interdisciplinary method. She takes a wide range of approaches in her artwork as a response to her autobiographical narrative. The work is poetic and expressive, revealing a glimpse into her desires through contemporary self-portraiture. Cravens works primarily with photography, making unique pieces from an infinitely reproducible medium. Through meticulous physical distortions and transdisciplinary techniques, she creates photographic pieces that address her personal experiences, identity, and physical form. Each piece and series range from large-scale digital installations to delicate one of a kind objects.

Cravens uses a mixture of self-portraiture, origami tessellations, and layers to formally express the conflict between her outward persona and her internal emotions. Each piece looks organized and intentional on the surface, however the images printed on the materials are fragmented through the methodical folding of each object. Starting with self-portraits depicting various states of emotion, each image is then meticulously folded. The act of folding the images of her face into beautiful objects is representative of how Cravens suppress undesirable emotions behind a persona that is confident and competent.