Project info

Choosing a title for this series was easy. They are pictures I took this summer on a trip to Bali, Gili and Lombok in Indonesia and I knew that, above all, I wanted to talk about color. It is an element that can be seen everywhere, from the bottom of the sea –where thanks to its incredible corals there is a rich underwater life full of colors, shapes and textures- to its surface, where the sea goes from beautiful turquoises to deep blues, the trees have thousands of gradients of greens and the flowers have bright and intense colors. The houses, painted in flashy tones, reflect the joyfulness of the surroundings as the local craftworks, temples and the typical Hindu offerings in Bali do. Everything is flooded with color and it makes you smile everywhere you walk –or dive- around. These are places that fortunately I have been able to visit twice, and I would go back a thousand more times, because they renew my energy, fill me with joy and have always taught me to put in perspective the value of material things and show me how it is possible to be incredibly happy with very little.

'warna-warni' means colorful in Bahasa Indonesia and it is the word that best summarizes these images. They are ten shots of simple and happy moments lived on these islands.