The tether that connects the present to the past.
Project info

We cannot judge the present without acknowledging the past. We cannot blame a person where he is today without seeing his past steps. The more people i meet, the more i understand them and myself. The situation that we are in today has its roots deep in history. How can we except a kid to behave when he was never educated. Who can we expect a kid to be educated when the education was denied for their parents. In order for us to understand our fathers we have to try to understand our grandfathers aswell. Thats why now what im trying to do is photographing our oldest generation and writing their stories hoping that their past which is infused with so much suffering will help us have compassionate view of the present. In the same journey i will documenting our youth aswell which is the product of the past but the foundation of our future. I hope that the contrast between these generations will make people reflect on their lives, and maybe forgive our loved ones who wound us unintentionally.