Lions of the Okavango
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It was tempting to put away the camera as we headed to the airstrip. The cards were filled with photos of lions basking in the sun, a leopard and her cubs, and more birds than I would ever be able to name. And then the flight of vultures descended in front of us on the remains of a fresh kill and we heard the lion's roar. We saw a huge male lion standing near where the lioness and her cubs had been an hour earlier. Roaring he began to stalk off after the cubs. Mile after mile we followed the chase. The young males plodded forwarded across the dry plains and flooding grasslands. The adult male seemed to know he had won and the lioness would soon be his. And then the cubs stopped and turned, as though they had decided as one that they would not give in. They turned the tables on the large male and began to give chase to their pursuer.