Panem et circenses
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Granulated, blurred and out of focus. Raw and hard. The "Rapa das Bestas" (Sabucedo, Spain) has become a circus. Hundreds of cameras observe what is still true sweat and smell of shit. Applause. A man protests among the public because he does not leave the future in front of him. The sun falls to the ground. Fans, soft drinks, beers, music bagpipers and "pandereteiras". And in the pit, in the "curro", blows against the wall, neighing, snorting, horsehair jumping like splinters, bruises, cuts and bruises. "Aloitadores" climbing on the backs of wild horses, cutting mane. A kick in the ribs. One of the "aloitadores" is out of breath for a few minutes. A tourist watches with his camera. Two journalists protest because there is no place left to work from. They want to see blood and sweat. The wounded person gets up. Applause.
Up the applause. Down the arena.