Project info

This unpublished series was created amidst a greater and ongoing project for my first monograph ( in progress) . Whilst documenting and observing the area of bayside Melbourne where I reside, I found myself leaning towards creating images that democratically observed the community in public spaces. By choosing not to explore the private spheres I have attempted to avoid the involuntary projection of my intentions for this series.

What fell before me , mostly during a single session of shooting felt serendipitous and consistent enough to extract from the greater project under way.

This small selection of community I photographed were the last of the festival goers at a christian christmas celebration. The band had all but packed up and the majority of people had left the warm night and returned to their homes. In stark contrast to the cold winters Christmas of the Northern hemisphere , Australian festivities occur in the thick humid air and golden hues of summers embrace. Life becomes more public and community spirit builds as we emerge from the cooler months. I am not Christian nor any other nomination , but i am interested primarily in exploring how communities interact and communicate in modern times, and I find these bonds are enhanced by shared beliefs.