Project info

It is that aspect of the self that remains when one abstracts away from the experience of temporally extended, ‘narrative’ personal identity, which is partially sustained by memory of past events’ (Gallagher 2000).

As primarily visual creatures much of what we know about the world and our perceived reality comes from our vision and being mainly diurnal animals our vision has evolved to be highly effective during daylight. With the advent of artificial lighting, we have attempted to push back the darkness. In doing so we have created new landscapes, an entirely different visual world.

The act of seeing, however, does not stop with the physiology of the eye. The way we see and perceive the world is dependent on neurological factors. The way we process the visual information passed from the eye to the brain is instrumental to how we feel about the world.

I see the project as an allegory for a fragmented sense of self. I've had a pretty inconsistent life and often find myself in new places surrounded by new people resulting in the previous places and people fading into a fog. It sometimes becomes difficult to connect with my narrative self. This project refers to one of the few constants I can consistently connect with no matter where I am.