Subtle perceptions and forest union.
Project info

Welcome in the heart of the forest, in a universe of dream and poetry, of surprise and magic, childish but adult at the time.
Little trick to better "see" : to be sure to maximize the chances of seeing the most imposing faces start by looking at the picture from afar, 8 meters for an A4 format, and do not hesitate to change your angle of view, lighting intensity, etc... When we discover a first outline of an head, we get caught up in the game quickly and we find the existing links with the others because they are nested and interdependent. Some will see faces, others not but everyone will make their own story and their own journey. It's all about letting your imagination flying and going of our maybe frozen conceptions, while life is movement.
In a fast-paced society these photos cause to be allowed to suspend time for the start of the interaction. Faces and expressions of strength, wisdom, love, joy, with even sometimes a tribal or primitive side, arise to suspend our conception of reality : optical illusion or unacknowledged reality ?
For my part, first, it is the live of the wedding, we go through different stages before, during and after the wedding that touch our senses, and, then, a corresponding feeling of deep communion between human faces created by the forest which leads me to no longer see a separation between man and nature, to understand differently the notion of matter and many other ideas sprout or redefine themselves.
For technical information, I use only "Lightroom" to better transcribe and embody what I see and feel in each photo (shapes, lights, shadows, colors, depth...), with the raw format I create an HDR photo but I do not use a layer and do not do any "editing" or collage.
I wish you a safe journey and thank you for giving me your time.