Project info

These pictures are scenes that you can see reflected objects such as windows and posters in Tokyo.
Some of them are photographed with a black dimming filter attached.
And there are also scans of one frame at the beginning or the end of the negative film. They are not shown as a complete format (24 mm × 36 mm). In other words, it means something outside the consciousness to print = visualize.

I want to find a sight of things that may not exist.
I am taking photographs in response to a feeling of expectation,it is all right if there may be nothing over there.
However, I do not assume that there is nothing. Also, it does not premise that there is being.
It does not assume that it is visualized, and it does not assume that it is invisible.

I am visualizing the concept.
There is reality may or may not be. However, I take it from the reality.
I pursue it. It is only an image of my desire.
It is wrapped in a veil.