in crisis
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The origin of the word «crisis» is the verb «krino» that in Ancient Greek meant «separating» or «sifting». In Modern Greek it includes two categories of concepts, on the one hand it describes the mental process that results in evaluation, decision, criticism and on the other hand a situation that is almost irreversible.The last concept is the reason why the word is used in articles, responses and analyses to describe the state of the Greek economy, but if it had to describe the feeling that is being caused to those who are exposed to this reality, then the ancient meaning of the word might have been more appropriate. The Greek crisis is a sieve through which, households, careers, personalities, ideologies, institutions and values ​​pass through and the results of the separation are evident everywhere on the faces, streets and landscapes, forming a new environment in which a former privileged generation is now called to accept that this is now the scenery of their life.