Passing by
Project info

I am fascinated by the split between what is commonly called reality and what we make of it: constructs, stories, and images.

I feel elective affinity with the genre of street photography. In fact, most of my pictures are shot in urban settings, where I take my time walking down streets, around buildings, moving in and out of light and shadow. Directionless as my walks may be, I always hope to find that particular frame with elements making reality as such less obvious, harder to pin down, and opening up new possibilities and interpretations.

I love black and white photography. Sometimes I shoot in color but the pictures always end up in black and white. I really appreciate its creative flexibility, especially when it comes to adjusting tonal contrasts as a means to give a picture its specific content and mood.

"Passing by" is a loosely organized series of photographs about the fleeting nature of life as observed in public places and buildings. It is about people moving from one place to another, by foot, by moped or otherwise, and about crossing lines and walking in lanes. The series is also about people of different ages, about children, youth, grownups, and the old and feeble – all with life stories we can only guess at.