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- What is a clown doing in the middle of the desert?

"The clown is a bridge between the possible and the impossible, between the sky and the earth, between the material and the intangible, between the concrete and the spiritual, an instrument to feed that place of the human mind where everything is possible and any world is achievable.
More simply to demonstrate to this people fighting for survival that they are not alone, that through laugh, joy, hugs, looks and jokes they feel accompanied in their struggle. "

Ivan Prado, is the co-founder of 'Pallasos En Rebeldia', a movement that, through circus arts, promotes solidarity and joy as engine of social change and that fights culturally alongside communities that must cope with oppression situation.
He speaks from Bojador, a refugee camp in a remote place in the context of a forgotten conflict in which, for more than forty years, Saharawi people have been subject to a prolonged and brutal occupation by Morocco and to a tough exile in the Algerian desert.