Silver Morning
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In the north of Italy, between 2016 and 2017, we experimented a very long high-pressure system. In the big plain - called Pianura Padana - high pressure in the winter time means fog. For more than a month the visibility wasn't over than 100 meters. This is not that usual for the new generations, but it was common in the previous centuries, up to the end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties, before global warming. These areas offer suggestive natural settings in all seasons; in these images, taken at dawn in the middle of winter, we see a frozen blanket covering everything: the Italian name of this phenomenon is 'galaverna,' a glaze of ice that is formed in the presence of fog at sub-zero temperatures. The light of the sun, together with the fog and the ice, creates an effect of diffused and pearly whiteness. As in a large, spectacular photo set made available by Nature.