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In the north of Italy, between 2016 and 2017, we experimented a very long high-pressure system. In the big plain - called Pianura Padana - high pressure in the winter time means fog. For more than a month the visibility wasn't over than 100 meters. This phenomenon is not that usual for the new generations, but it was common in the previous centuries, up to the end of the seventies/beginning of the eighties, before global warming. This climate, with its melancholy and poetic mood reminds me my childhood in that era. Forty years ago, in the same landscapes and towns where I grew up, was filmed Novecento (1900 was the international title), the Bernardo Bertolucci masterpiece. I saw the movie in a theatre with my uncle when I was 7 and I remember I was totally shocked by the cruelty of the images. I took these pictures in some of the places where Novecento was made and this is my personal tribute to a disappeared world: the rural culture, the foggy landscapes, the political fights of the twentieth century and the great season of Italian cinema.