Au delà de la Mer
Project info

“Au delà de la Mer” arose from my last trip to Corse island, where I used black and white photography to captured its mysterious nature: mountain ranges plummeting into the sea, magnificent beaches and small creeks, green forests honeycombed with streams and unusual places where rock formations dominate it all. I was totally surrounded by Nature, neither old nor young, sick nor glowing, only Immortal in its majesty. The mountains colliding into the sea created a contrast of mystic shapes and substances. Those strong and beautiful places exercise a charming power to human beings, making them into symbiosis until a complete merger with the mother Earth.
Through the use of black and white I am giving my own interpretation to the reality I have been seen around me. I went to Corse for the first time when I was a kid, together with my parents. Confused memories from the past are overlapped now to what I experimented as an adult: nature appeared to me as a kid a magic place that now has lost its physical shape in favour of a mix of feelings and sensation never experimented before.