Durga Puja Festival celebration in Indian Subcontinent
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Durga Puja Festival is a very well known yearly cultural engagement in Indian Subcontinent celebrated in the month of Sep-Oct period .As part of this festival , one of the most powerful goddess of Hindu Mythology - goddess Durga is worshiped for 5 days starting at "Panchami" and ends at the fifth day called - "Dashami" . In "Dshami" the clay model of devi Durga and her siblings are immersed into the river , pond or any big water body .It's believed that during this 5 days of festival goddess Durga used to appears in our conscious world and bless us with his power to fight with evils .In this project I've depicted the last day the Durga Puja festival when goddess Durga starts her journey to divine cosmos and portrayed the emotions,expressions,rituals and celebration of humanity attached with this festival .