Analogy and Death
Project info

The display of inanimate objects with human-like characteristics
came alive during the conception of these photographs. The beauty
of photography is its representation of a moment in time. The
photographs represent portraits of people in a time of desolation.
The person who once drove the car now leaning against the tree,
the father that used the hose to water his garden, what is missing
becomes the subject and the context of the image. Just as much
as these are portraits of the people who lost their things, they are
portraits of the individual who may have started the fire.

These objects represent a history that wants to be forgotten, a history
that is still to close to the present time. As I return every year to
continue documenting the revitalization of the land and community,
I notice a gradual space that is created from the haunting past. My
objective is to document the moments within this space.