Insieme (Together)
Project info

It has been very hard for me to open my emotions and put them together with my work. I have been always asked what is the meaning behind my projects and I was in silence. But this time I can say that even without thinking of putting emotions this project shows my feelings and love. I have never been inspired by someone and till now I did not realize it. So I dedicate this project to him who has been always next to me.
Being different is hard. It has always been. Some people hate, some of them think they are the best, some of them think they are nothing comparing to the others.
With this project I am trying to show that no matter who we are, where we are, what we do - we need each other. Being strong outside but not from the inside will make us fall down, but being strong from the inside will make us always to stand up. We are always going to need someone next to us to help us in our hardest moments.
Acceptances will push the world in a better way and we will be able to show the best of us.