Mother and Son
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A mother hugs his child, looking at him with love, tracing a little moment of spontaneity in their everyday life. A quite common gesture in thousands of homes that here bursts in an unusual and poetic image.

For some people, ambition means living peacefully, regardless of any problems. One may often strive at complex things, losing the true meaning of life: Daniela bears this true meaning sewn on her and has become an example of courage and beauty, a miracle. Born “upright”, she had to deal with a huge change in her life: 1,70 m tall and always used to standing, she had to learn how to look at the world from one meter lower. Daniela suffers from a rare disease, named Strumpell-Lorrain. In this picture, portrayed with her child, she shows that love really has no barriers and that we can reach our objectives also by using unimaginable resources if we let our intimate decisions be our guides.

This is the story of an extraordinary person that wants to have and actually builds a joyful everyday life, while in the world a lot of ordinary people strive for the extraordinary. This is a real and good lesson to be learned and kept close to our heart, in order to nurture simple and true dreams day after day.