Project info

Taipei Riverside is the title of a series of 35 photographs, realized in autumn 2014.
This series reveals the views of Taipei (capital of Taiwan) taken from the banks of the main rivers crisscrossing the city. It shows us a very different urban landscape that we can see in situ, from the street. Here we are on the margins, on the other side of the walls that protect Taipei floods : interesting perspective to photograph a city that has not been concerned with aesthetics and architectural appearance. This displacement also offers the opportunity to take a distance from a place so familiar that we do not pay more attention.

From an plastic point of view, I thought photographs of Taipei Riverside as painting or, at least as Pictorialists thought photography. Not so much by framing or composition by a particular work of atmospheric light. These overcast skies, which are reminiscent of those of the painter Gustave Courbet for example, give this series of photographs a very pictorial aspect. In Taipei Riverside, everything is in the light, because in itself, it transforms the urban landscape and offers a unique view of Taipei, even supernatural. Taipei is found there silent, dull sometimes gloomy too, but always through the pictorial work of light, echoing the painting captivates the eye.

What interests me, which is a relatively popular topic in contemporary photography is the relationship between photographers with paint. For my part, having started painting before photography, I am always very sensitive. I would say that, ultimately, everything is done as if my eyes were formatted by painting and my vision was always refers to "Beauty" as it was defined before modern art.

But there would be much to say about it