Plastic Stories
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The dolls I photograph have separated body parts (they were given to me this way). I prefer dolls that aren’t intact because it adds an element of humor and quirkiness that I seek in my photographs. Can a headless body show expression? Does Barbie always exude the same, positive energy even without her body? So it would seem – her smile never fades.

Barbie is easily the scapegoat of many feminist arguments, and to some degree, rightfully so. But I think she may have something to teach us too. Wearing a smile even when life deals you lemons (like a missing body) can lift your spirits. Looking through my viewfinder, she certainly allows me to take life a little less seriously and reminds me to get lost in having a good time.

When I play with dolls, I use a Polaroid SX70 camera with Impossible Project’s instant film. I scan the image, then enlarge and print it on an inkjet printer.