Project info

Are families all different or are they all the same? Do families that have disabled or sick children have a harder life, a sadder life then others?
Emma's family is not at all different from other families I photographed thru the years.
Yes, they might go to the hospital more often then others, yes they became experts in the characteristics of their children's rare disease and when they speak about treatments they sound like doctors. But apart from this they have a normal life just like any other family.
Kids go to school, parents go to work, they play together, they go out and do activities together.
This is an ongoing project about a family that tries to live their life in a society that it's not quite yet inclusive.
By showing how "normal" their life is maybe all of us will embrace the change and become more inclusive.
My project is called Bridges because this architectural element is the symbol of our will to pass over life’s barriers. A Bridge it’s a hand extended to help, it’s a playground where All kids can play. The Bridge it’a half of a circle, an inclusive circle.