Walk on the (not so) Wild Side
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It's the dream of children to see lions, zebras, rhinos, and giraffes up close and personal. It certainly was a dream of mine. And though zoos provide a safe and cheaper alternative, none have come as close to seeing wild animals in person as a drive-thru safari.

It bears to mention that it is no African savanna. You won't see lions or hyenas hunting. Or herds of elephants stampeding by. You certainly won't feel the thrill of one of these animals getting too close, unless getting your vehicle scratched by a curious ostrich is a thrill to you. But what it lacks in excitement, it makes up for it by allowing the little ones to see these majestic creatures eye to eye. A rhinoceros grazing and a giraffe playing, these are a few of the wonderful things you get to enjoy as close as the animals allows you to be. There are no barriers, no moats, and even better, there are no crowds of people attempting to take a selfie for five minutes while everyone else annoyingly waits (see how rooted my disdain for selfies are?)

And though my dream of one day walking the plains of Africa are still far off, for now I am content in driving by and capturing as wild a creature as I can get from my car. And my son can look as wonder-eyed as any child will when they see in person the animals they read only about.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I did not mention what safari I drove through because this is not an advertisement for any park. Whatever park you wish to visit and sponsor see their reviews and how well their wildlife are kept. Do they have successful breeding programs? Are the animals kept in herds? Are they given plenty of space? Please do your due diligence and sponsor parks that benefit the animals. Thank you.