Lavandi Raritate
Project info

Lavandi Raritate is a documentary trip about the summer vacation and leisure time along the Italian Peninsula and mediterraneans countries coasts. This series of pictures is melting down a social research about the different characters in the act of beaching, in its different ways. Most of the time the higher point of view want to analyze the differences in enjoying the idea, the acting of summer vacation; In this way, the watcher walks between tourists diving from the unpolluted rocks of Southern Islands , passing trough kids swimming in a brown river, relaxing in small pools into hot big cities during a free afternoon after the last days of school, enjoying exclusive natural docks of private yacht clubs;
He watches families reaching all the comforts in fully furnished shores, but also appreciates both young and old couples hunting for the most isolated and uncontaminated piece of sand away from prying eyes.
All these different characters create a social analysis about beachers: even if in different and personal ways , every mediterranean person is united for a common behavior; everybody need his piece of sand, his ray of sun and his drop of water during summer...his summer leisure time.
Lavandi Raritate analyze this social view, united to a landscape observation, considering how the human presence and behavior, inevitably makes some environmental changes in this vacations landscapes sites.