Native Aliens. Russian Old Believers.
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In 2009 the Kylin, Murychev and Fefelov families (three generations of the Russian Old Believers from the big Kylin family) reunited to return to Dersu village in Primorsky Krai in the Russian Far East, from Bolivia and Uruguay to settle down there forever. Till the middle of 1940s a community of Old Believers lived there.
Old Believers are dispersed all over the world, some of them live in Latin America and Alaska but even there they carefully preserve Russian culture and their traditional ways of life.

Resettlers are convinced they will be able to self-actualize in Russia, their historical homeland and their core source of spiritual and moral strength.

They lead a quiet and discrete life and do all their best to stay away from the vanities and temptations of the outer world. Their religious books are written in the Old Slavonic language; food is all homemade. Married women are obliged to cover their head and their men have beards.

The main character of this story is Agafia Kylin-Fefelov, a woman of 38, who followed her husband with her daughters leaving behind in Latin America 6 grandsons.