Burning Democracy
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In the name of “Democracy”, the death toll in political program-related violence has risen to more than 150 since last couple of months in Bangladesh. On 28th November, 2013, supporters of nationwide blockage torched a bus near Shahbag. 18 people severely burnt. Few of them died during under treatment at Dhaka medical college hospital. Every day burnt peoples from across the country comes to Dhaka medical college for better treatment. The scene at the burn unit of the Dhaka Medical College is cut out from hell itself.

The country's politics has led the nation to a macabre and grotesque scene where human values, principle, rationality and moral considerations have been surrendered with abandon. Imagine the mentality of the perpetrators who have burnt people alive, shattered the skull of the woman bank employee by hurling bombs and caused death!

Political protests have long crossed the universally accepted limit. No law or common sense approves lethal attacks on general people. Now in these days, Bangladeshi people became the victim of democracy.