Portrait Awards 2015
Project info

This is a body of work situated around my anxiety as I tread my path towards making my better days. I sometimes wonder if these are my better days. I work in a retirement home to fund my ambition to become a photographer trying to find my little piece of untrodden ground and I see a lot of days that have been better. It is our intentions to find rather than make our happiness but I think my aim is to search inwardly which is also just as frustrating as searching outwardly amongst materialism and lusts. I want to find my better days here before they come to an end. This is kind of an inward set of images and expressions performed beautifully by my friend Lazlo who had a natural knack of finding the expressions I wanted, maybe from experiences similar to my own. The series was shot through a homemade slit scan device made from backing board normally used to make frames.