The Fifth Stage
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I’m a listener, and as such, I have begun telling the stories of the people I encounter. I am specifically drawn to photographing widows and widowers because of a conversation I had with my grandmother, herself a widow, about another body of work I was making. She told me I would probably have a lot of elderly women as subjects because they’re lonely and would want to tell someone their stories.
That conversation made me think about relationships and loss. The continual state of flux and adaptation that we find ourselves in as human beings is fascinating to me, and I feel that the loss of a life partner is one of the most traumatic adaptations that a person has to go through. It is my hope to bring to light a very common issue that is often not talked about because it is too sad, because it is too sensitive, because it is too hard. Loss, and the loss of a spouse, is something that almost everyone will have to deal with at some point in their lives, and it is very real. How one adjusts to this change reveals much about the person and the relationship.