moving still
Project info

Although a first reading of this photographic project might suggest self-portraiture, in reality it wants to address, at a a larger scale, the amniotic process any artist undergoes when withdrawn to a very own intellectual universe, the place where ideas sprout and associations are revealed. Thus, its interpretation must then be removed from the particular language of the self-portrait and become closer to the general practice of self-representation, in that it evokes a transverse process of reflection, which is the substrate of any artistic creation.
This work consists in the design of a site-specific installation, in which six black and white photographs (120x80cm) printed on rice paper are arranged and suspended vertically. The white of the images suggests a condition that supplants the density of the matter and the body, which overcomes gravity and is absorbed into the light. And this light, being a spiritual concept, is also an indivisible principle of life and photographic equipment in capturing the real.
The photographs are to be suspended in order to translate a subtle sense of lightness that animates them. As if in a certain audacity, they were to question their immobility and the preservation of a space and a place, bestowing them, on the other hand, freedom of movement. The rice paper is a lightweight paper, so the photographic subject comes alive and moves.