Project info

My submission is between Imaginative Storytelling and documentary.

These photographs are the scenes which photographed advertisements or posters in Tokyo.
Before starting this series, I was photographing the landscape in the suburbs of Tokyo. There is something like a horizontal line between the sky and the ground in the landscape. I was attracted to what was released from that horizontal line. I felt far beyond something there. And I thought I wanted to find that horizontal line in the city. But in the city there is no horizontal line. Because there are many buildings, people, and things. So, as an access point to replace the horizontal line, I tried shooting advertisements and bulletins overflowing the streets.
Advertisement things do not have the story. There is only mere notice. I am not very interested in the part that works on feelings such as announcements sticking to my heart or nothing feeling, and the information that the announcement has. I made photographs mere notice in the sight of the city and life. Photographing is what I photographed or duplicated what I felt as having photos already in the city as photographic notice.