Project info

I was surprised when the politics of 2016 brought about so much anger and deep divisions within our communities. I observed people siloing themselves to their "own kind" however they defined that. I think people did that because it takes less energy in our increasingly busy lives and they didn’t want to offend others. Others were motivated by stronger convictions.

After working 25 years in the corporate world, I thought what could I do as a full-time professional photographer to help bridge this divide. How could I engage my community to be curious about others? Could I also leave them feeling inspired and gain the courage to live their life to be truer to themselves? Could I help start new conversations?

I started IdentityRVA - Exploring our Humanity in 2018 with eleven diverse women. I photographed them in an authentic manner with a hint of movement to suggest that we have many facets of our fluid, ever-changing identities. In 2019, I plan on completing phase II with ten men and hope to include children in phase III.

Through this process, I’ve discovered my assumptions and internal biases. I invite others to do the same and join me in celebrating our humanity.