The healing process
Project info

This series is not born as a series, but it isn't born to not be one. Every photo is connected to the others by my experience and my will to heal from my severe anxiety, in fact, after over a year of therapy, you can clearly see my healing process through my photography.
My work is a way to express my feelings and let them flow out from my head, using the photographic medium as a connection between myself and the world outside.
I find in photography a safe place where I can give life to my eyes-open dreams, creating a comfort zone where my anxieties are not allowed to stay in.
Every picture I create is autobiographical, none of them are meaningless, I try to both exorcise my fears and to let people with the same demons feel that they’re not alone. I want to create something that can uplift people despite the darkness all around.
My camera is my weapon of choice, but my imagination is what really guide my hand into photography, giving me the chance to mold what I see around me into something more familiar, also thanks to the post production process that turns my self portraiture into a fantasy world.
Born and raised in Italy, Photography has surrounded me since my childhood, becoming a faithful partner about in 2009. Since then, our relationship has gone through ups and down, living either intense moments together or no moments at all.
Despite every misunderstanding, I now know I can say photography will always be a trusted friend and something I know I can count on.