The Book of James
Project info

I have always had a passion for the dramas that are played out before my eyes on both the movie and television screens.

My latest series, “The Book of James” was inspired by the New Testament of the Bible. This photographic tale depicts the character of James as he deals with the trials of modern day. It also shows how faith and prayer are worked into the life of this character.

The character of James is not only seen not in momentary heroics of day-to-day living, but also a man who is faced with temptation and sin.

My selections of photographs depict the photographic portrait and the spaces (environment) in which they occur. I strive to communicate how the figure relates and perhaps changes in direct relation to the space in which the figure (portrait) exists, as often times the setting in which a portrait is made tells us more than we might imagine. I strongly believe that in addition to the "text" that accompanies the photograph, the essence of an environment can add mystery to an image or answer questions about the subject being photographed.