Boxing in Marrakech
Project info

I went to Marrakech for the first time in my life, to visit a friend who moved there. On the second day of my staying I got lost in the medina. I hit a dead end and I've been robbed by some boys. I was too scared to fight back. I stayed in my friend house without going out for two or three days. Then I decided to get out and I meet one boy of the neighborhood and I told him what happened. He invited me to follow him. I didn't have any money left so I followed him outside the medina. We ran for quite some time and the we arrived in this dark place where some other boys were boxing. "If you trust me, I'll make you become a strong man and you won't have fear anymore", the master said. I practiced with them for some nights, sweating and swearing a lot. On my last day of staying I asked them to take some photos. I wanted to illustrate this weird and funny group of boxers. I found something grotesque in them, and something deeply sweet too. They look very improvised but very determined too. It's like if they're screaming: "We are the boxers of Marrakech and nobody in the world can stop us!".