Con I Tuoi Occhi - Through Your Eyes
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Con I Tuoi Occhi - Through Your Eyes

You try to bring them back.
The image of her
The heat
The comforting memories

But the only thing you can see
The only reality you can feel...
It is that Shadow ... Devouring its carrier ...

And you try to prevent it
To battle against it
You can almost contemplate it
Like an actor in disguise

... But there is no rewind button.

To my mum.

This series aims to depict my journey this past summer, whilst observing and feeling my mum's shadow self trying to take over both her mind and her body. This condition being her post traumatic reaction to my father's passing, as well as to her necessary but nonetheless painful detachment from our family's home. This last both being a way of survival and emotional cleansing.

The one above is the poem I wrote to carve this passage in time and space for my mum and I. It represents my way of celebrating the memory of both the dad I have known, and of my mum's forever love.