Submission: NightHouse
Project info

The NightHouse series consists of ten black and white photographs and delves into the private sphere of a family house, trying to see inside and catch the fleeting emotions still carried by the house where my grandparents lived. What do memories look like? Night represents the subconscious and the fascination with light and shadow, the magical and a little frightening strangeness of familiar surroundings in the low light are to me reminders of the child’s way of looking at the world.

I combined ambient light with projected family album photographs as well as new photos taken by me specifically for this use. It was important to me to see the projected images in the space, to spend time in the same room with them, and to slowly build the pictures with one long exposure around the projections by using lights to highlight certain parts of the room while letting the night veil the rest in darkness. My focus was on the contrast between light and dark. For me, the making of these photographs become a process of both remembering and letting go.