We will meet at the confluent oceans
Project info

I has been intrigued by some photos circulating in the media where shadows and silouhettes represent human being. It was particularly striking to see that their ghosty aspect is paradoxically used as evidence and as testimony to express reality.
Hanging on the wall of my studio, these images have a hold on my imagination…Their silhouettes make them impalpable and yet familiar.
My photographic series, We will meet at the confluent oceans results from this reflection.
In different places in the world (Tunisia, France, Senegal, Italy…), I make photos of familiar scenes in the negative mode: men and women wandering on the strands, on roads and transitional spaces. These disconnected existences get closer to each other on my working lush table. At a second stage, I superimpose randomly the negatives and I make a photo of the palimpsest. A new meaning emerges from the digital composition.

The superimposed figures are submitted to a trompe l’oeil effect that creates a rupture and, at the same time, an echo between the different existences. They trace such an abyss and baffle in a parasitic way the documentary dimension of the photo and create a new spectral reality and other territories.