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The former Soviet republic Moldova, jammed between the Ukraine and Romania, is the poorest european country outside of the European Union.

With a total population of 3,5 Million citizens it is home to quite as much people as the capitol of Germany. While being rich in the worlds biggest wineries, the country suffers from corruption, and young citizens, who lost hope in change, emigrate to countries near or far, providing future prospects and dreams. Achieving these dreams by migration and foreign work, where father, mother or both, sail abroad for making a living and sacrificing the chance to watch their children grow up.

Like many others, Daniela, whose parents emigrated in the early 2000s, experienced a huge dissociation towards her homeland, rejecting origin, language and culture. The story is about finding the sense of home while being stuck between several senses of home and dissociation. Feeling at home requires a constant renewal of yourself and implies confrontation with your past and present, the unfamiliar and unknown. This feeling is fleetingly as a cloud. Any attempt to hold on to it or casting it into a stable condition fails. Stoping renewal means to lose your home, even if you never left your home. The sense of home isn’t bound to a place its bound to the humans one loves.

To be in peace means to renew.