Project info

I don’t remember a world where 7 internal voices weren’t screaming at me at all times. I don’t know if that world actually existed. I remember when my connection to reality or to myself broke. I remember the corner of my bedroom that I would cry in. I remember the girl in the mirror. I remember when she stopped being me. When the dissociation ran so deep that I would move and expect her not to. She felt like a different world. So I gave her one. She couldn’t survive in mine and I couldn’t make my way into her's so I created one that we can both exist in. I created a 2 dimensional world where pain is visible and separation obvious. I let her say the things I couldn’t. I let her scream for help when I couldn’t ask.

This series of self portraits is an attempt to visualize the feelings of isolation and internal division that I’ve experienced since I was a teenager. Dissociation and depression have created a fractured personality that I explore photographically through long and double exposures as well as alternative processes such as polaroids. I embrace natural imperfections like dust spots and light leaks as ways to further express my emotional confusion and chaos. Because I never know how a photo is going to turn out and every single shot is unique and unpredictable there is a sense of searching and experimentation captured in each image.